"I asked Janice Nickerson to research the background of a loyalist-era ancestor in Upper Canada. We all read the genealogical success stories, with complete lineages and complete biographies of UEL ancestors. My case was different: the evidence was spotty and incomplete, the results inconclusive. Given this documentary reality, Ms. Nickerson's achievement was remarkable: she checked all the available records (ranging from secondary authorities, to loyalist petitions, to land records); she marshaled all the evidence found; and she both summarized her research and stated her conclusions systematically, in lucid prose. Genealogical research is a chancy business, all too often restricted by documentary survival; but given this reality, I can unreservedly recommend Ms. Nickerson for thoroughness and accuracy in research, and for clarity and completeness in reporting research results."

R. Emery, Albany, New York

"All I can say is this: if you hit a wall in your family genealogy search Janice gets straight A's in my book. She has been wonderful and has followed through with results."

S. Hammerschmidt, Toronto, Ontario

"I was in the process of compiling a book on the descendants of Francis Hall, a founder of New Haven, CT. A number of his descendants were Loyalists and left the United States for Canada in the years following the Revolution. I sent what little information I had on these families to Janice and asked her to research them for me. She not only returned the genealogical information I needed but supplied copies of the backup documentation as well as summary sheets on the references. I have used her research expertise several times in the process of gathering Hall data and the results have been excellent each time. She gets my highest recommendation."

H.J. Hall, Chelmsford, Massachusetts

"It was my lucky day when I discovered Janice's name on the Ontario Archives website. In the last year she has provided me with fastidious research and many, many documents relating to my Lanark County ancestors. Through her diligent work, several problems have been solved and each of my ancestors has found his/her rightful place on the family tree. I feel very fortunate to have had Janice working for me. Thank you Janice."

P. Wasley, Mount Albert, Ontario

"I have received your report and WOW what a lot of work you put into it!!.... I do look forward to being able to sit down and read through all the documents...I thank you for your great work, and I look forward to again being able to transact some business."

D. Stone, Val Caron, Ontario

"Wow! That's fabulous!! I was quite prepared for you not to be able to track down anything. Looking forward to hear more :-) If it becomes an issue I'm certainly willing to pay for more research on your part."

R. Park, Waterloo, Ontario

"Dear Janice, Your report arrived today and I am happy and excited about it. I want to respond further, but for now, I just want to say "Thank You" -you did a great job... Please keep my correspondence for future consideration as there is a lot more to do! I will be in touch."

O. Rose, Reno, Nevada

"Janice, Thanks for the research you've done on my Canadian great great grandfather's family. What you've already found has helped fill in some major gaps and uncover new information.

"I particularly like your report style documentation of not only what has been found but also the process used which will help me to avoid repeating work on dead ends. Thanks again."

B. Cole, Gold River, California

"Janice Nickerson is simply the best! Her thorough research has yielded important facts about my ggg grandfather that no one had discovered before. The early Toronto-area documents which Janice located caused great excitement at my annual family reunion--even our family historian was greatly impressed!"

C. Canty, Madison, Alabama

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