Life in Upper Canada

The following accounts have been transcribed from first-hand accounts of life in Upper Canada, from a wide variety of sources. Some were published long ago as diaries, travel journals or settler's stories, others appeared in old newspapers, and still others are taken from original unpublished manuscripts. All have been carefully chosen and reproduced here, to help you get a feel for the world in which our ancestors lived.

Each item is preceded by an editor's note which identifies the source from which the excerpt was taken and provides whatever contextual information may be necessary.

Please keep in mind while reading these excerpts that they are presented exactly as they appear in the original. I do not edit them for spelling, grammar or punctuation. More will be added over time, so please come back again from time to time.

  • Settlement Duties

  • Poor Irish Workers

  • Lamentation upon the climate of Canada

  • Before the Lucifer match

  • Baking Bread

  • Grenville College

  • Fishing and Game in Upper Canada

  • Our kind love to you: a letter from an Upper Canadian Settler


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