Reading List -- First-hand Accounts of Upper Canada

If you would like to learn more about life in Upper Canada, the following published first-hand accounts may interest you. Please note that the majority of these have been filmed by the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions (CIHM) and thus are available on microfiche and online at

  • Bell, Rev. William. Hints to emigrants: in a series of letters from Upper Canada, 1824 (Printed for Waugh & Innes, 1824; CIHM 37003)

  • Cattermole, William. Emigration. The advantages of emigration to Canada, being the substance of two lectures delivered at the town-hall, Colchester, and the mechanic's Institution, Ipswich, May 1831 (Simpkin & Marshall; J. Loder, 1831; reprint Coles Pub Co, 1970; CIHM 32464)

  • Dunlop, William. "Statistical Sketches of Upper Canada, for the Use of Emigrants" Tiger Dunlop's Upper Canada (John Murray, London, 1832; reprint McClelland and Stewart Limited 1967)

  • Edgar, Matilda Ridout. Ten years of Upper Canada in peace and war, 1805-1815, being the Ridout letters (William Briggs, 1890; CIHM 02885)

  • Fidler, Isaac. Observations on Professions, Literature, Manners, and Emigration in the United States and Canada, made during a residence there in 1832 (J. & J. Harper; Whittaker, Treacher and Co., 1833; reprint Arno Press, 1974; CIHM 35990)

  • Gourlay, Robert. Statistical Account of Upper Canada compiled with a view to a Grand System of Emigration (Simpkin and Marshall, London, 1822; reprint S.R. Publishers, 1966; CIHM 35936)

  • Haight, Canniff. Country Life in Canada Fifty Years Ago, personal recollections and reminiscences of a sexagenarian, (Hunter, Rose & Co., Toronto, 1885; CIHM 05147).

  • Jameson, Anna Brownell, Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada (Saunders and Ottley, London, 1838; Reprint McClelland & Stewart, 1990; CIHM 35744)

  • Langton, Anne. A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada: The Journals of Anne Langton (Clarke, Irwin and Company, Toronto, 1950; Reprint 1964).

  • Langton, John. Early Days in Upper Canada, Letters of John Langton (Macmillan Co. of Canada, 1926).

  • Letters from Settlers in Upper Canada (Printed by Marchant, London, 1833; CIHM 21407)

  • Mactaggart, John. Three Years in Canada: An Account of the Actual State of the Country in 1826-7-8 (H. Colborn, 1829; CIHM 36879)

  • Magrath, T. W. Authentic Letters from Upper Canada (William Curry & Co., Dublin, 1833; reprint Macmillan 1952, 1967)

  • Moodie, Susanna. Roughing it in the Bush (R. Bentley, 1852; many reprints; CIHM 38878, 40547, 41831)

  • O'Brien, Mary Sophia Gapper. The Journals of Mary O'Brien, 1828-1838 (MacMillan of Canada, 1968)

  • Proudfoot, William. "William Proudfoot Diary", Ontario Historical Society's Papers and Records, Volumes 28 & 31 (1932, 1936)

  • Scherck, Michael Gonder. Pen Pictures of Early Pioneer Life in Upper Canada by a Canuck (W. Briggs, 1905; reprint Coles Pub Co, 1972; CIHM 76488)

  • Shirreff, Patrick. A Tour Through North America; Together with a comprehensive view of the Canadas and the United States, as adapted for agricultural emigration (Oliver and Boyd; Simpkin, Marshall, Edinburgh, 1835)

  • Stanton, Robert & James G. Chewett. The Upper Canada Almanac, 1827, 1829, 1831 (1829: CIHM 21294)

  • Stewart, Frances. Our Forest Home, being extracts from the correspondence of the late Frances Stewart (Presbyterian printing & publishing Co, 1889; Gazette printing and publishing co, 1902; CIHM 13970)

  • Strickland, Samuel. Twenty-seven years in Canada West, or the experience of an early settler (R. Bentley, 1853; Reprint M.G. Hurtig, 1870; CIHM 41195).

  • Talbot, Edward A. Five years' residence in the Canadas including a tour through part of the United States of America, in the year 1823 (Printed for Longman, Hust, Rees, Orme, Brown and Green, 1824; CIHM 40913)

  • Thompson, Samuel. Reminiscences of a Canadian Pioneer for the last fifty years (Hunter, Rose and Company, Toronto, 1884; McClelland and Stewart, 1968; CIHM 25168)

  • Traill, Catherine Parr. The Backwoods of Canada (C. Knight, London, 1836; many reprints; CIHM 41930)

  • Traill, Catherine Parr. The Female Emigrant's Guide, and hints on Canadian Housekeeping (also published as The Canadian Settler's Guide) (Maclear, 1854; J. Lovell, 1861; CIHM 41417, 415811855)


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