Miscellaneous Name Lists

Lists of names of people living in the Upper Canada period (1791-1841) can be found scattered throughout all sorts of records that you might not think to search. When I come across such lists, I add them to my "miscellaneous" index.

At present this index includes the following lists of names:

  • several lists of names of people who had letters waiting for them at the post office (printed in Cobourg, Kingston and Niagara newspapers, 1811-1839)
  • a list of people who had unpaid claims at Drummondville (in Niagara newspaper, 1839)
  • a list of people who had accounts with a Willoughby merchant in the years 1802-1837
  • a list of names of people who signed a statement in support of their Methodist preachers in Leeds in 1798 (there was a lot of anti-Methodist sentiment at the time)
  • a list of students attending the "Old Blue School" at York in 1816
The total number of people listed in the miscellaneous name lists is approximately 500

More records will be added as time and demand allows.


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